Our biggest advantage is our own mechanization, that makes our performanse easier and faster . Compatibility of designing and executing,and good cooperation of these two big teams, results with buildings, that are our investment - from idea to realization!

Sector of engineering

Number of permanent employees in this sector is about 60. During the construction season, through admission of seasonal workers or participation of subcontructor, the number of engaged workers on buildings that this Sector performs, enlarges, and reaches up to 350 and 400.

We are qualified and own all necesarry mechanization - cranes, lifters, backhoes, loaders, trucks and various ferrys for performing all kinds of buildings in area of building construction.

Teams for realization of works in area of civil engineering construction are in development, and mostly carry out smaller works in area of communal infrastructure.

"SET "d.o.o Company Sabac has, in past five years, executed more than 40 building in construction, adaptation, reconstruction residential and commercial buildings, pre- School buildings, schools, Health and Culture Institutions.

In summer 2013. we finished construction and did commissioning of our Concrete Factory, completly amortized, and one of the most modern factories of concrete in country, currently. We produce all brands and types of concrete according to needs and requirements of Design. We produce concrete for our own sites, as well as for order.