Designing process starts with Your iniciative, and continuous with our realization! After conceptual design, our engineers will make Detail designs and construct your building.

Company SET d.o.o has accomplished over 40 Urban designs, in past three years, more than 45 Detail Designs ( in area of building construction, industrial plants, civil engineering construction and infrastruction) and has provided constructional and craft works on more than 30 buildings in area of building construction.

For design purposes, over 40 work stations with specialized softwear packages in construction area ( civil engineering construction and building construction), mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, technology, transportation, economy, has been used.

We provide:

Planning and urban planning documentation

First step in creating Designs is determinating existance of plan document, or need for it. Our team creates not only urban projects, but Plans of General and Detailed regulation for specific area. We have expirience with projects that in the past were obligation solely of public companies. Depending on Investor needs, and in cooperation with public companies, we are able to perform spatial plans, that were approved by expert commitee, and shown through our references.

Preliminary and Conceptual Designs

After conversation with Investor and identifying it`s needs, our architects elaborate different solutions of Preliminary design. Development of Preliminary design involves Investor in designing prosess, in order to obtain balance between client`s wish and teshnical posibilities, at the same time respecting Law, Regulations and standards. For buildings of state importance, Preliminary Designs turn into Conceptual designs, that are approved by state audit Commission.

Technological Designs

Some of our biggest clients invested in construction of new industrial plants and complexes on several acres. These significant designs of industrial complexes are based on detail technological designs. Technological Design of industrial complex defines order, method and process of production of raw materials and storage of finished products, but at the same time taking care of environmental protection.

Detail and Execution Designs

Detail Design is needed for construction purposes and obtaining Building permition. These designs are not only Architectural and Construction, but also designs of installations and external arrangement. In our ten-year practice, we accomplished more than 550 designs in building construction, civil engineering construction, industrial, communal and many other facilities.

As- Buit Design

This design shows condition of executed building, changes that occure durin the construction with regard to Detail Design. It is used for obtaining Certificate of Occupancy and financial and legal regulation of relationship between Investor and Contractor. This Design is base for racional building use, maintenace and possible upgrade and reconstruction. If you need Certificate of occupancy for building that you built, we will gladly help you to get it, by creating As- Built Design and solving all possible problems with competent institutions.

Specialist studies in area of Fire protection, environmental protection

Specialist studies in area of Fire protection, environmental protection, Assessment of environmental impact, are some of project that our technology engineers are dealing with. One of most important projects are, certainly, those referring to fire protection, and the fact that we own licences in this area speak for itself. In addition to individual , we also have so called “big licence”. Our significant references from this area refer to the big industrial plants and complexes of various types.

Elaborate of Safety and protection at Work

Our team of engineers especially pays attention to Health and Safety at work while creating designs. Through constant education and improvement of our stuff, we try to make our technical solutions based on maximum of safety and health of their users.

According to Regulation of Safety and Health at Work on temporary and mobile sites, we are capable for performing works for Coordinator for project development and Coordinator for performing works. Therefore, we do Plans of preventive measures and give relevant informations to Investors that need to be considered during execution of all works in site, and we also represent Investor in implementation safety and health at work on site.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies are prepared for objects that are bounded by Law, and also preparation of Preliminary Design, and along with it submits to the Audit commission for compliance. Our Company has prepared many of these Studies, that were made for all kinds of projects for which is required „big license”, such as: building the access to roads of higher priority, city roads, residential settlements, border crossings, water supply of settlements, and factories, from Food industry to metal industry. Feasibility Studies are made by our expert team of technical and economy profession.

Studies of infrastructure and General Designs

Conceptual understanding of infrastructure.needs of industrial complexes, settlement, territory of municipality, city, as well as regions, in area of water supply, sewerage, transport infrastructure, waste management is also area our team is engaged with. This work is expressed through production of General Desings of water supply or sewerage, Studies of transportation or Waste Management Designs. Take a look some of our references in this area.

Elaborate of Energy efficiency of buildings

2013. a new Regulation about energy efficieny of building came into force, and every Detail Design for construction a new or reconstruction existing building should contain Elaborate of Energy efficiency of building. It is our previlege , that architects and mechanical engineers of our company are among the first to obtain licenses of responsible designers in our country. Our Company has a licence for issuing Energy Certificates.