On October 5th 2017, at restaurant "Aero club" in Belgrade TeamCAD d.o.o. held an Autodesk BIM breakfast. Company SET d.o.o. has attended the presentation of new BIM technologies along with Mašinoprojekt, Energoprojekt, Construction Directorate of...


Japanese company "YAZAKI", specialized in the production of cables in the auto industry, had decided last year to build a factory in the industrial zone of Sabac.


Company SET d.o.o. was devoted to design and execution of works on the construction of this industrial facility.

The complex of the Yazaki factory itself expands on the area of 6.8...


In March 2016, the Construction Directorate of Serbia in cooperation with the company SET d.o.o. had started the construction of two new buildings in Dr Ivan Ribar. New buildings are located in the western part of the settlement: there will be 212 apartments, each with an area of 31-113m2.
More informations on new buildings on:WWW.IVANRIBAR.COM

Dr Ivan Ribar's settlement covers an area of 3,4...


On 22nd International Urban Salon that took place in Nis from 8. to 15. november 2013, "SET" presented Detailed regulation plan of industrial zone in Zajaca

Traditional annual event that represents review of the most important and latest achivements in the field of Spatial and Urban planning, was held in organization of serbian Town planners Association. In detail regulation plan category, SET presented Detail regulation plan of industrial zone “Zajaca” in Zajaca, whose investor was Koncern Farmakom MB Šabac,Mines and Smeltery AD “Zajaca” Loznica.

On Plan area of 56 ha there are Industrial Complex Mines and Smeltery A.D. “Zajaca”, Loznica, mines area,...


Shelter for senior and homeless citizens in Kumodraska Street in Belgrade, will be reconstructed and upgraded soon. Design of future facilities is entrusted to company “Set”, that will make Preliminary and Detail Design.

Contract is concluded on Decembre 12th  2013, and contract price is 22,8 milion dinars.



Works on factory construction started on Novembre 4th 2013. Investor is “Balkania LTD”, and “Walter Koch” will supervise works. SET made technical documentation and performs works. When designing, attention was paid to safety of surround buildings, that would be protected with bulwarks.

 On the area of 6.5 hectare, there will be administrative building, three halls and more production facilities. Building complex in Koceljeva municipality, about 200 people is expected to be employed.



Detailed regulation plan for Industrial complex in Prahovo, designed by “SET” d.o.o, will be on public display untill January 26th 2014, in central hall of Negotin Municipality, and on the municipality website.

Within Detailed regulation plan`s defined boundaries, of total area about 148,43 ha, there is industrial complex “Elixir- Prahovo- Industry of chemical products d.o.o Prahovo”, and part of land that is in direct connection with the complex.

According the Spatial Plan of Republic of Serbia 2010- 2020, Prahovo is defined as territory of contaminated and degraded environment, that is envisioned for sanation of pollution and revitalization of...