30 000 m2 WAS BUILT IN JUST 7 MONTHS !!!!


Japanese company "YAZAKI", specialized in the production of cables in the auto industry, had decided last year to build a factory in the industrial zone of Sabac.


Company SET d.o.o. was devoted to design and execution of works on the construction of this industrial facility.

The complex of the Yazaki factory itself expands on the area of 6.8 ha, of which the facility occupies

30 000 m2.

SET's team of engineers had the opportunity not only to prove their previous knowledge, but also to gain new experiences when building such a complex industrial facility.

The work had begun in December of last year, the winter was long and cold, the deadline for execution was very short and there were doubts the factory will start with business on time, but a good organization and system of experienced knowledge has contributed the plant to start operating before agreed deadline, to the mutual satisfaction.

Company SET d.o.o. is proud of the realization of this project and has best wishes regarding to successful business of Japanese company “Yazaki” in our city.