On October 5th 2017, at restaurant "Aero club" in Belgrade TeamCAD d.o.o. held an Autodesk BIM breakfast. Company SET d.o.o. has attended the presentation of new BIM technologies along with Mašinoprojekt, Energoprojekt, Construction Directorate of Serbia, NORTH Engineering and other companies whose business is design and construction.

Our host i.e. TeamCAD d.o.o. has presented to us Autodesk's innovations in Autodesk Revit, Advance Steel, Autodesk Robot, Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk BIM 360 ...). After the presentation, the participants were attending a breakfast andsharing their experiences during the transition to 5D design. 5D design is the future of modern civil engineering and the direction in which the whole world is develloping.

BIM softwares for designing of the architectural and building structures have already been present in construction industry for over two decades. In recent years, they took the primacy over classic CAD concept in all leading design offices world wide, so nowadays it's inconceivable to work on big projects with no use of BIM technology. In addition to classical geometric information, BIM also presents spatial relationships, lighting analysis, geographical parameters, quantities and technical description of the elements.

Company SET d.o.o. is very grateful on the invitation and hopes for successful cooperation with TeamCAD d.o.o. in the period of training of its employees and faster transition to 5D design as well.